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Media Interviews

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Suzanne blasts '80s movie fashion with Paul and Erika. Play "Icon or I-Can't!" with them!

The hosts of the "That Aged Well" podcast talk to Suzanne about Once in a Lifetime, the gayness of New Hope, the book's infamous CHEWING GUM scene, and diversity in New Wave. Then they take on fashion from 1980s classic films, ranking everyone from Molly Ringwald in"Pretty in Pink" and that sexy saxist in "Lost Boys," to Goldie Hawn's lamé epaulets in"Overboard" and Bowie's "Labryrinth" codpiece. Laugh along!

Musical Empowerment: A Visit with Patricia Friberg of "Learned it from an 80s Song"

Suzanne and master life coach Patricia talk about strength, perseverance, and leadership for women -- and how Blondie's gutsy '80s power anthem "One Way or Another" drove Suzanne full-speed into love and that crazy thing we call young adulthood. DEBBIE HARRY, ARE YOU LISTENING?

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Suzanne Joins "The '80s Hour" with Juan Aleman

Suzanne and Juan get intellectual about their first '80s concert experiences, staying positive in life, and (drum roll please...) her favorite-ever role in regional theatre! Hint:  It involved a Scottish accent and a lot of flirting. Oh yeah, and they talk about her book.

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Suzanne is a guest on The 80s & 90s Uncensored "Best Albums of the '80s" podcast! 

Suzanne joins Jamie and Milo as we make our picks for the best albums of the greatest decade. Which would you choose?

Suzanne chats with The "And I Thought" 

Podcasters, Writers,

Media Moguls

Wilnona and Jade, the "And I Thought Ladies," have broadcast more than 800 podcasts and have a following of more than 50,000 on their website. Their brand includes literary works, interviews, a magazine, and podcasts--and is growing by the day.

They interviewed Suzanne in 2021 about her novel Once in a Lifetime, public relations, and the writing life. Listen in!

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